Imagine arriving home from work in a thunderstorm only to find the basement completely flooded and the floor ruined by massive rainfall. The sense of helplessness and pure panic is near impossible to avoid when water restoration needs to be addressed. This is the situation that most homeowners will find themselves in at some point in their lives. At this point, action must be taken quickly to avoid serious damage to an otherwise perfect home.

Water damage repair companies are rarely discussed; however, they play a vital role in saving the homes of countless people every day. While most people are able to fix basic appliances or make rudimentary renovations to their home, very few have the knowledge and qualifications necessary to reverse the issues associated with water damage. For this reason, water damage specialists are often thought to have an obligation to deliver high quality service to their customers.

Still, there are numerous unqualified, amateur companies being established every day, forcing customers to put more effort into finding the right people for the job.

Finding The Right Water Restoration Companies

There are many qualities that can make a water damage specialist either unqualified or undesirable to do professional work in someone’s home. Stories from unsatisfied customers describe unlicensed workers, poor quality work, and smug attitudes as the major reason for taking caution when choosing a water restoration services company to hire.

Despite the horror stories from past customers, there are still plenty of unfit water restoration companies currently operating today. Luckily there are various websites and services available to help customers weed through these shady businesses to find a reputable company to work with.

How To Choose A Water Damage Repair Company

There are several factors that a person should consider before hiring a company for their water damage remediation needs. Listed below are four major features a water damage home repair company should have to be considered trustworthy and qualified.

  1. Certification – Water damage restoration services can seek certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This is an important, and appealing qualification to look for when choosing a company, as there are no regulations stopping amateur companies from operating without a certification.
  2. Range of Services – Oftentimes, unprofessional water restoration companies will only offer a small variety of services for customers to choose from, while more professional companies will offer a wide range of specialty, professional services. Services to look out for include mold remediation, tarping and board-up, and water mitigation
  3. Time Efficiency – Due to the tendency of water damage to increase significantly over short periods of time, water damage restoration services companies offering immediate or near-immediate service are often the most credible. Customers should be wary of water restoration services companies that don’t offer same-day service.
  4. Experience – A professional water damage repair company should have extensive experience working with insurance companies and should also be able to help the customer speed up the process of submitting and settling a claim with their insurance. Companies that have little experience working with insurance companies are often uninsured themselves or very new to the industry.

Water Damage Remediation – What To Expect

Due to the varying prices, service times, and dry times associated with water damage remediation, having a consult is necessary prior to beginning the repairs. The best companies will walk their customers through the process and answer any questions they may have before beginning work in the home. Most customers ask the same handful of questions, and a water damage specialist should be able to answer all of them.

The most popular questions surrounding water restoration seem to be “how long will this take?” and “how much will this cost?”. Unfortunately, both questions can have a variety of different answers depending on the specific case. After the services are complete, most cases take anywhere from 3-5 days before the area is completely dry. During this time, customers may either stay in the home or leave for a few days until the situation is more convenient.

Cost of water damage home repair varies significantly based on the size and complexity of the issue. Homeowners should call several companies to compare prices before deciding on one to repair the damages.

Final Thoughts And Tips For Homeowners

The key to getting professional, quality services for water restoration is to do research. Homeowners should ask friends and family for references and do research of their own to hire the most qualified company for the job. Call MUCCDC Restoration 24/7 844-288-4900.

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